Paint your own pottery
Here's how it works:
Select a piece of ready to paint pottery (also known as bisque) we have a wide variety of plates, bowls, mugs, figurines, banks, boxes and many more items to choose from.
Pick your paint colors from the samples on your table (we have over 60 colors to choose from). For an additional fee we also have specialty glazes (not for food items).
We'll serve up your paint!
Browse through our design tools, idea books (to inspire your creativity), stencils, sponges and brushes. Or ask our friendly staff, they'll help offer suggestions or tips.
Create your masterpiece and leave it with us and we'll do the rest!
We'll dip your pieces in a clear glaze so that it will be shiny and "food safe"
Pricing for pottery painting is: the price of your piece - No studio fee - the cost of your paint, glazing and firing is included.
Our pottery pieces range in price from $4.-$120. with most pieces between $20-$25.
Your art work will be ready in approximately 7 days
We only hold items for 60 days
we also offer custom painting