Walk in Clay!

We have been asked many times about "adult" clay classes. In case you didn't know...we offer clay classes for kids camps, girl scouts, kids night out and field trips but we've never offered it to adults. Well, I am happy to tell you, it's coming soon!!

But more exciting is we will be offering clay as a walk in option. That means adults and children will have an opportunity to create with clay. Children do need to be at least 5 years old.

I have been working with clay for years and it is my absolute favorite medium! (there is just something so rewarding about creating your own piece of pottery that you built yourself) I've just had reservations about how to bring it in to the studio as an option without you having to take a class. We are all so busy these days, I know you can't always make it to a class.

Well, thanks to one of our suppliers, I was able  to come to Austin to take a class to learn the best way to add clay to our studio. I'm so excited about this that I couldn't even wait to get back in the studio to share this exciting news.

As soon as I get back and can get my staff trained and everything set up and ready for you, we will start offering clay!!

Be sure and follow us on Facebook & Instagram and you'll be able to see pictures of the wonderful things you'll be able to create very soon.

If you have any questions please send me an email.


I hope you are excited to play with dirt soon! :)