Personalized, homemade items make timeless, loving and unique gifts for the holidays.

As the hustle bustle of the holidays approaches, Sunshine Glaze in Southlake is helping kids and parents decompress while walking away with a special gift to share.

“My mother always says that this type of art is cheaper than therapy,” says Allie Derojas of Sunshine Glaze.

Allie and her mother, Susan Derojas, and her sister, Tiffany Coe, own and run the arts-and-crafts studio for ceramics, glass fusion, mosaic and painting projects.

They also offer MDF (medium density fiberboard) cut outs to use in a variety of symbolic and decorative shapes for mosaic projects.

For beginning to advanced level artists, there is something in this studio for everyone.

“Within each medium, there can be something advanced for those who are looking for a little bit of a challenge,” Allie Derojas says.

This is a real toddler art stop, too. Every Friday morning, there is a toddler class in the party room.

There’s a Kid’s Night Out on the last Friday on each month where kids can craft while the parents have some time for dinner or even some holiday shopping.

“My mom likes to call this night actually, ‘Parents’ Night Out,” Derojas says with a laugh.

The options are endless for ceramic glazing. There’s a beautiful butter dish, an oversized slipper shoe that holds a bottle of wine and for the holidays and vintage inspired Christmas trees light up.

There are gingerbread man cookie platters, candy bowls and, of course, ornaments.

Zoe Vostry, age 9, of Trophy Club was making a square “Me” plate and was focusing on the details that define her childhood while her mother worked a more decorative, vintage-looking platter.

“This visit was a part of my birthday gift from my family and I had no idea what I’d do so I tried finding vintage things on Pintrest and I’m trying to copy something onto this plate,” her mother Jenn Vostry explains. “A lot of moms just sit and watch the kids paint, but I was like, no, I’m painting.”

A few tables away, a little five-year-old girl named Sophia Doss of Keller is singing aloud while she happily glazes a mug in a floral pattern with a lot of pink tones.

She puts her paintbrush down to recite the song about the months of the year complete with hand and arm gestures.

“Do you see or hear what she is doing?” her mother says with a laugh. “Her teacher taught her the months of the year to the Macarena song and dance.”

As the song ended, Sophia said, “I need more pink please!”

The benefit of working in a studio setting like this is that you sometimes get to share some tips and ideas with others.—and if you are lucky, songs.

A few young girls and their mothers come into pickup their art and are nervous for the reveal.

Derojas brings out a colorful glazed cat and Lindsey Havenstein, 7, of Keller gasps and cheers while her sister Riley, 5, looks on.

You see, picking up the final project is just as fun as doing the artwork.

Sunshine’s party room is usually packed with workshops and parties. Keep in touch with the special events and classes by staying connected to and its Facebook so that you won’t miss the upcoming holiday options.

If you are just not that into art, but want to give the gift of something handmade, there is an on-site artist who can customize any ceramic item such as a platter or ornament.


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